The Secret Place

Children love secrets! Do you remember how special you felt when a friend whispered a secret in your ear and told you to treasure it and keep it safe? Do you remember making dens and hiding in there with siblings or friends, giggling and whispering as if no-one would find you? Do you remember theContinue reading “The Secret Place”

Find your voice

The world has embraced online living like never before. Anyone from your cat to your granny can have a presence on social media. It seems we have found our voice, but it is questionable that our voice is being heard. Do we even recognise our own voice among all the external opinions and judgements floatingContinue reading “Find your voice”

Lockdown is mental

Lockdown is mental! Aside from being ‘mental’ in the Scottish slang sense of the word, its mental because our experience of lockdown is dependent on our frame of mind. Its mental health awareness week and here we are in a lockdown situation where mental health is being compromised from all angles – less fresh air,Continue reading “Lockdown is mental”

A New Hope!

Tonight I had a full circle moment – the completion of a ‘Gestalt’ (Dont worry if you have to google it! I did too when I first heard of it!). It happened as I was listening to a live video from one of my favourite people to listen to, Kristina Kuzmic. She was sharing aContinue reading “A New Hope!”

The Resistance

I didn’t mean for this to happen, however, there seems to be a bit of a star wars theme going on 😁 Maybe it’s something to do with being in a house full of boys with the unlimited supply of star wars that Disney+ has to offer! This last week I’ve been highly aware ofContinue reading “The Resistance”


Hi and welcome to my blog.  My name is Susy Coupland.  I’m wife to Barry, mum to my 3 boys and carer for my eldest who has challenges with autism.  Life has chucked us many lemons and at times we’ve let it give us a sour face but now we mostly make lemonade 🙂  IfContinue reading “Welcome”

The hidden question

Are you a carer for others in your family? Maybe you’ve suddenly found yourself being surrounded by little people who demand attention every waking moment in the midst of coming to terms with the unknown future you hold? This is for you… Hidden in the depths of our heart is a little question that sometimeContinue reading “The hidden question”

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