Am I feeding despair?

Am I feeding despair? Despair is a pre-requisite to change. Without despairing about a situation, I will never have the need to change it. Consumerism, comfort eating, netflix binging, alcohol, drugs and retail therapy (Disclaimer: Not my personal list of comforts. Edit: ok, most on the list are my personal comforts) all hide despair andContinue reading “Am I feeding despair?”

When life is a game of peek-a-boo

Do you hide away when things go a bit skew-whiff? Maybe life feels like a game of peekaboo! At the top of your game (or when you feel strong enough to pretend you are), you are out there doing your thing, unconcerned when eyes are on you.  When things start to go pear-shaped, you tuckContinue reading “When life is a game of peek-a-boo”

Self-care -v- Self-comfort

I have to say I don’t feel very qualified writing about health and wellness as an overweight, unfit 44 yr old.   I’m now 7 years post-babies and still looking rather pregnant!  My determination to change lifestyle rather than go on countless diets has definitely been a slow process of change and not the route youContinue reading “Self-care -v- Self-comfort”

The Secret Place

Children love secrets! Do you remember how special you felt when a friend whispered a secret in your ear and told you to treasure it and keep it safe? Do you remember making dens and hiding in there with siblings or friends, giggling and whispering as if no-one would find you? Do you remember theContinue reading “The Secret Place”


Hi and welcome to my blog.  My name is Susy Coupland.  I’m wife to Barry, mum to my 3 boys and carer for my eldest who has challenges with autism.  Life has chucked us many lemons and at times we’ve let it give us a sour face but now we mostly make lemonade 🙂  IfContinue reading “Welcome”