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Am I feeding despair?

Am I feeding despair? Despair is a pre-requisite to change. Without despairing about a situation, I will never have the need to change it. Consumerism, comfort eating, netflix binging, alcohol, drugs and retail therapy (Disclaimer: Not my personal list of comforts. Edit: ok, most on the list are my personal comforts) all hide despair andContinue reading “Am I feeding despair?”

Self-care -v- Self-comfort

I have to say I don’t feel very qualified writing about health and wellness as an overweight, unfit 44 yr old.   I’m now 7 years post-babies and still looking rather pregnant!  My determination to change lifestyle rather than go on countless diets has definitely been a slow process of change and not the route youContinue reading “Self-care -v- Self-comfort”

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